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By Danielle Hogan • November 1, 2022

5 Reasons to Go Solar Before the Holidays


The first solar panels were installed on a New York City rooftop in the year 1884. Since then, and through tried-and-true methods, solar has seemed to forge a path of its very own. As we approach the end of 2022, we can all agree that solar has come a long way, in popularity as well as function. However, there are still some people today who are afraid to take the solar plunge. Why is that? Our best guess is that they are simply unaware of how many amazing benefits come along with investing in this extraordinary technology. Although that list of benefits proves to be very long, we have put together a short list for you to consider. Here are a few top reasons why you will want to go solar before it's too late:


Solar Energy System

Increase the value of your home

Anyone who is in the real estate game understands that increasing your property value reaps many rewards. Anyone in real estate also understands the competitive nature of buying and selling homes. In 2017, the number of solar subscribers increased by 22%, AND it has gone up over the past five years. Wouldn’t you enjoy being able to sell your home for thousands more than your direct competition? In fact, according to Zillow adding solar to your home can increase the selling price by 4%. This means the average home in the U.S. could sell for $9,200 more. Rise to the occasion, be the trendsetter on your street, and stay one step ahead of your neighbor!

Diversify your investment portfolio

Going solar is not only an investment in your house, but also an investment in yourself. Going solar naturally allows you to start saving large amounts of money, of which you’ll be able to invest in other things that matter to you. This contributes to positive wellbeing, coming full circle to allow you to focus on the things that you care about the most. How wonderful to be able to say that going solar gave you this type of freedom!

Return on investment is not only high, but also massive

Imagine a future where a lifetime of electricity bills completely disappears from your monthly responsibilities. This can be your reality if you go solar. Dream of that time when the electric company pays YOU for electric. This can also be your reality if you choose to go solar. To find out what your ROI can be for your home by adding solar panels, click here for your Free Solar Analysis.

Stimulate the economy 

The more solar panels that are installed on homes; the more clean energy jobs will be created. This is the future, and we all need to do our part to contribute. Fossil fuels will not last forever, but the Sun will be here for as long as we are on Earth. Solar energy will also stabilize energy prices, which is a benefit to all of us. Global warming is expensive, and sunlight is free. Capture your piece of the Sun and take advantage of this fact!

Give future generations a better, safer world to live in

Many experts have estimated that fossil fuels will be completely depleted within 100 years of our time. Suffice it to say, we as a society need to be thinking of the kind of world that we are passing down to our children. Are we a part of the problem or are we a part of the solution? The public has spoken, and the majority of their values align with renewable energy. Solar is a huge part of this effort.

Mother and son in front of panels

The holidays are quickly approaching, and before we know it, shopping madness will be upon us all. What will you purchase for the person that already has everything? Solar energy is the perfect gift! Avoid the crowds and all of the frenzied shoppers this year. Make it easy on yourself and make the decision to give the gift of solar. As you can see from the reasons above, there’s never been a better time. At American Sentry Solar, we design solar systems that not only save homeowners money, but also increase the value of their home and make them energy independent. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners save with solar and we’re ready to help you too. Click this link for your Free Solar Analysis or give us a call at 410.557.0555.


Click Here For a Free Solar Analysis