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By Mason Crandell • February 18, 2022

7 Things You Will Love About Solar!

Solar Panels of roofSolar energy has come a long way over the past decade, and its technology continues to advance, making solar more productive and affordable than ever! American Sentry Solar is happy to be along for the ride because our customers love making the switch to solar energy, and there’s good reason why! Read on to learn seven of the many reasons why you will love solar and why it’s a great investment for your home! 

Solar is clean, renewable and can eliminate your electric bill 

One reason many homeowners make the switch to solar is because solar is a clean and renewable source of energy. Whether you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint or just want to save money on electricity cost, solar energy can help! For most homeowners, their energy bill can be one of the most expensive, especially if they have children, leave the lights on, or have the heat/AC on half of the year. The good news is that solar panels can eliminate your electricity bill and the utility company will pay you for excess energy you produce! Additionally, solar panels have become more efficient and lighter than ever, which means they will generate as much electricity as possible while having no effect on your home’s roof.  

Solar is more affordable than your think 

Solar panel prices have been on steady decline since the first use of residential solar panels. This is good news for homeowners because this gives them the opportunity to OWN a solar system and eliminate their electric bill! According to ohmconnect.com, since 2010, the cost of installed solar has dropped 70 percent! That means more efficient panels at a lower price! Thanks to this, a lot of American Sentry Solar customers eliminate their electric bills entirely! This price decrease in solar is caused by several factors. Better technology is one reason that the costs are on a downward slope. Early solar panels were blue, clunky, heavy, and inefficient. This is no longer the case! Today’s solar panels are sleek, light and very efficient. They are so indiscrete that they are barely noticeable on a roof. Another reason why solar is on a cost decline is the manufacturing cost to produce the panels has decreased. This production cost decrease is then passed to the consumer, who pays a lower price for the panels. The U.S. government is also investing millions into improving solar technology, and this helps to drive down costs to the consumer as advancements are made. 

Another attractive offer and reason for solar price decreases are government incentives for homeowners. Homeowners are incentivized to go solar through federal, state, and local incentives. Things such as tax credits and solar renewable energy credits (SRECS) are ways to take advantage of the financial incentives to go solar. One of the best, most generous financial incentives is the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This credit allows homeowners to claim 26% of their solar energy system. For example, if you had a $10,000 solar system, you would qualify for $2,600 tax credit. The federal government extended the ITC in 2020, and it is expected to expire completely by 2024. These time sensitive incentives, the low cost to go solar and the potential savings on energy bills means there has never been a better time to go solar! 

The last reason for solar panel price decline among other mitigating factors is the fact that there are better financing options in place today than 20, even 10 years ago! Flexible financing allows those who would otherwise shy away from solar to experience the clean and renewable energy the Sun allows. If you think solar is out of reach due to cost, it is time to call American Sentry Solar. American Sentry Solar will work with each homeowner to assess their specific needs and budget to find a system that will work for their home and their pocketbook. 

solar panels on house

Solar generates electricity year-round 

A common solar myth is that panels are dormant in the wintertime. This is simply not true! Winter months can be very productive. If the sun is overhead, you are generating power! One thing to note is that production is obviously higher in the summer months due to longer days, more intense UV rays and other variables. However, winter months also generate substantial power, and your panels are more efficient in cooler temperatures than that of a 100-degree summer day. Don’t be fooled by a common myth about solar and start generating your own power year-round! 

Solar panels are recyclable 

Solar panels provide clean, renewable energy for decades. However, they do not last forever, so when it comes time to upgrade your solar array, you’ll be happy to know that almost all components of your solar panels can be recycled! Solar panels are made up of three major elements: glass, the aluminum frame and silicone. All of these can be recycled, and this is also what makes solar energy a great option for electricity. Solar energy is also seen as more environmentally sustainable than fossil fuels not only because of the clean energy that is generated but also because fossil fuels can run out eventually and the Sun will be around for another 7-8 billion years! 

You can expand your solar array as your energy needs change 

Solar energy is great because it is flexible and can fit most homeowners’ energy needs. As your family changes, your energy needs change as well. Additions to the family can make your energy needs rise, and what is wonderful about solar is you can add to an existing array as your energy needs go up. To compliment a substantial solar array, you may be interested in energy storage. American Sentry Solar offers solar battery backup and storage. This allows a homeowner to keep the power on when the utility companies can’t. This is a great option for areas that see significant weather events that can knock out the power. Bottom-line; residential solar systems are flexible, and you can always add to your system as your energy needs change!

Net Metering: You can sell extra energy back to the utility company 

A benefit that many solar homeowners enjoy is crediting their excess energy back to the solar companies through a process called net metering. Net metering allows solar customers to only be billed for their “net” energy usage. In other words, if a solar customer uses less energy than they produce they will be credited for that unused energy by the utility company. Most American Sentry Solar customers eliminate their electric bill entirely, and regularly receive credits for the excess energy they produce, thanks to local net metering policies. It is important to do research regarding specific utility companies, as not all offer net metering. Furthermore, in most cases net metering will not provide a cash check for excess energy. The excess energy is credited by the utility company and applied back when your energy needs exceed your energy production. Net metering helps by encouraging the use of solar panels and adding low to no-cost solar energy onto the grid. 

Solar panels protect your roof 

The last thing you’ll love about solar energy is that the panels help protect your roof! Many new to solar energy think that solar panels damage your roof, and this is simply NOT TRUE! Solar panels add an extra layer of defense to help your shingles protect your home from the elements. Wind, rain, and hail must go through your panels to get to your roof which is good news because solar panels are very durable and can withstand a lot of what mother nature throws at them! In fact, we have a whole article that details how panels protect your roof and can even make it last longer, read here

Many American Sentry Solar customers have their own reasons to go solar. Whether it is the personal choice to be more sustainable or the tax incentives that push them to make the switch, they do not regret it! Saving with solar is so simple, if you haven’t already made the switch, what are you waiting for? Solar systems have never been more efficient and affordable. Be ready for the spring and summer sun, give American Sentry Solar a click or call and you could eliminate your electricity bill! 

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