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American Sentry Solar By American Sentry Solar • May 15, 2017

American Sentry Solar Now Serving Delaware; Exciting Homeowner Incentives Available!

After providing solar for Maryland homeowners since 2009, American Sentry Solar has decided to add a new solar service area: The First State. That's right Delaware, we're coming to show you the benefits of owning your piece of the sun!  Delaware has recently provided exciting incentives to homeowner's that choose to own solar for their home.  Take a quick glance below to see what incentives you'll be eligible for.

 Solar panels on home

 Delaware Solar Incentives

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit (allows you to deduct 30 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes
  • Green Energy Grant Program (Owners of residential solar photovoltaic installations are eligible for grants up to $3,000)
  • Ability to sell SRECS (Sell the energy you've produced to electric companies looking to meet the state's Renewable Policy Standard.)

With these incentives in place it makes going solar a very attractive option for Delaware homeowners.  For more information click below to check out our free solar guide!

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