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By Mason Crandell • September 1, 2022

Is Fall A Good Season To Go Solar?


Solar panels in the Fall.

Going solar in any season is a wise choice. However, as the weather gets colder and the holidays approach many of us aren’t thinking about helping our planet or eliminating their electric bill. However, this is not stopping us from telling as many people as possible about the benefits of solar energy! Many ask: “What is the best time to go solar?” The truth is, anytime is a suitable time to go solar, but going solar in the Fall has many advantages. In this article we will explore a few ways of how going solar in the Fall is a wonderful option for homeowners!

Benefits of Going Solar in the Fall:

  • Cooler temperatures & bright sunlight lead to higher efficiency for panels

  • Flexible Scheduling and Shorter Wait Times

  • Solar As a Gift

  • Faster Installation

  • Price Increases Are Inevitable

  • Go solar with $0 out-of-pocket

  • Increased Tax incentives

  • American Sentry Solar makes switching to solar easy

Cooler temperatures & bright sunlight lead to higher efficiency for panels

Most people know the Sun shines the longest and brightest in the Summer. However, did you know excess heat can cause panels to lose some efficiency on scorching summer days? This loss of efficiency is nothing to worry about, as temperatures decrease your panels will recover. For this reason, fall is the perfect time for solar panels because the Sun still shines brightly and there are much milder temperatures. Solar panels love sunny fall days, and you will love the energy bill savings! Many American Sentry Solar customers eliminate their electric bills and some even sell energy back to the utility company! Take advantage of the cooler weather and start generating clean energy when you go solar in the Fall.

Flexible Scheduling and Shorter Wait Times

Typically, there is less demand as the temperatures cool down and the holiday season approaches and because of this we become more flexible with scheduling. We always try to work around YOUR schedule to make sure appointments are convenient to you and your spouse. Furthermore, as demand decreases in the Fall for solar panels, they become more easily available to solar installers like us! For our customers, this typically means shorter wait times for products and installation. Take advantage of flexible scheduling and shorter wait times by receiving our Free Solar Analysis and schedule a meeting to see how much you could save by going solar. Our solar energy experts will analyze your home’s energy usage and develop a customized plan to switch to solar energy. This will show you how much your home can save by going solar. American Sentry Solar offers flexible financing options and will work with homeowners to achieve the goal of solar power!

Going Solar in Fall!

Solar As a Gift

Any time of year is great to switch to solar energy. However, this holiday season, consider giving solar as a gift! It will increase your home’s value and allow you to generate clean energy for your family. Solar energy has come along way in the past decade and the solar panels of today are more efficient, longer lasting, and more affordable. They also come with great warranties if something ever goes wrong. Plus, solar is a fantastic way to reduce dependency on the utility companies. Best of all, you can monitor your system performance and past production 24/7 from your smartphone!

Faster Installation

As mentioned earlier, Fall is a perfect time for faster solar installations. Our customers want to get their solar systems up and running as soon as possible and we do not blame them! The decrease in solar demand in the Fall is a terrific opportunity to switch to solar quickly! What is more, your solar system will be ready to go next spring and summer! Start off next year right by having solar installed in the Fall and you will be producing right away for the coming year!

Price Increases Are Inevitable - Utility Bills will increase in 2023

Graph of Electric PricesAs with anything, prices eventually go up. Electricity unfortunately follows the same pattern. Look at the graph below by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that shows the average cost of electricity in U.S. cities. The trend is obvious and more severe the closer one gets to 2022. Based on this, one could assume that a price increase is coming for electricity in 2023. However, there is good news for homeowners who want to avoid electricity price increases. Owning and installing solar panels can eliminate your electric bill and leave you with a manageable static payment for your system. In other words, your payment on your panels will not change, unlike your electric bill which is poised to increase.

Go solar with $0 out-of-pocket

American Sentry Solar is proud to be able to help homeowners save with solar. We offer flexible finance options and allow homeowners to go solar with $0 out-of-pocket cost! That is right, you could make the switch to solar with $0 out-of-pocket cost! Solar is more affordable than ever and Fall 2022 is the time to take advantage of it!

Increased Tax incentives

You may have heard of the recent bill that passed called the “Inflation Reduction Act”. This bill is great news for homeowners that are considering going solar because it allows homeowners the ability to claim 30% the cost of the solar system and installation. This is up from 26% that was previously available to homeowners making the switch to solar. The solar tax credit was set to decrease and eventually go away in the coming years, so this is great news for renewable energy! It is also a big win for those who went solar in 2022 and already claimed the 26% federal tax credit, as these homeowners can claim the 4% difference so long as their system was installed in 2022. Take advantage if these huge incentives to go solar. Give American Sentry Solar a call and let our solar experts guide your through all the federal, state, and local incentives so you do not miss a thing!

We make switching to solar easy

Going solar has never been easier! At American Sentry Solar, we take the time to explain all the costs of going solar as well as how much you will save on your electric bill each month. We also help with federal, state, and local incentives to make sure you do not miss out on these valuable benefits! For some homeowners solar just does not work for their unique situation and we find it best to be honest and upfront. Schedule your Free Solar Analysis to see if your home is a good fit for solar and you could eliminate your electric bill in time for the holidays!

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