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By Mason Crandell • September 8, 2021

Rooftop vs Community Solar: Which Will Save You the MOST?

Chances are you have already heard of solar energy. Solar energy has multiple benefits in terms of monetary savings, its eco-friendly nature, and its ability to separate the homeowner from the rising rates of the utility company. What you may not have known is that there are many ways of taking part in the solar revolution, each with their own pros & cons (some with more “cons” than others). The two ways to take part in solar we will be discussing is rooftop solar and community solar.

community solar farmExample of a standard community solar farm.

Community solar is a lot like what it sounds: you pay for the solar power being produced at a solar farm and, in some instances, you can buy solar panels or kW capacity at a community solar farm. Most community solar projects are subscription based. This subscription typically covers the cost of the electricity produced, as well as any other fees or charges associated with the system’s maintenance and the cost of the land the solar farm resides on.

Picture3Rooftop Solar System installed by American Sentry Solar.

Rooftop solar, on the other hand, is typically a system placed directly on the roof of a home or business. These systems, depending on if you decide to purchase or lease them (you can read about the pros and cons of each HERE), are typically more customizable, and can be created to fit the homeowner/business owner’s exact needs. In this way the owner of the system has complete control over the system, and they are taking advantage of unused roof space (instead of renting additional space from a solar farm). As mentioned, rooftop solar panels can be owned or leased, however owning your solar panels is typically the better option for rooftop solar. At American Sentry Solar we specialize in helping our customers own their rooftop solar systems.


Rooftop solar is the clear winner in terms of long-term investment, especially when you consider it can reduce or eliminate your monthly electric bill for 25 years or more! The ROI is much higher when you own a rooftop system, with the average solar homeowner seeing savings of $44,000 over the lifetime of the panels. And if you decide to sell your home, having a money-saving solar system on your roof can increase your home’s value by $24,000 on average!

Both options offer savings. With community solar you are typically paying a discounted rate for the electricity that the solar farm produces. However, with a rooftop solar system you can completely negate your utility bill, and even be paid if you produce more electricity than your home uses! Both are good ways to reduce your energy bill, but for long term return on investment a rooftop system and owning your solar panels is the way to go. American Sentry Solar specializes in helping homeowners own their solar systems, increase their ROI, and benefit from every financial incentive available. Our homeowners save the absolute most in the area, thanks to industry leading panels, professional installation, and the extended warranties offered on all our systems!

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