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American Sentry Solar By American Sentry Solar • August 26, 2015

S.O.L.A.R. 101

Class is in session!  Going Solar may seem overwhelming since few homeowners are familiar with solar power.  Here at American Design & Build and American Sentry Solar, we've put together a simple way of understanding a few important factors when deciding to install Solar panels.


Save Big On Your Energy Bills

By going Solar you create the potential to greatly reduce your energy bills or eliminate it all together.  Imagine what you could do with these savings!  You could put it towards other payments, vacations, college funds...the possibilities are endless.

Own Your Solar Panels

When making a Solar decision it's important to understand the different types of ways to go solar.  Owning your solar panels is always the best option.  This means you will own the entire solar system and reap all tax incentives and benefits so you can control how much you want to reduce your bill.

Leasing Isn't The Best Way

A solar lease is a contract you pay per month to have solar panels installed, maintained by a company and then leases the system back to you.  A typical lease is usually 20-25 years.  Basically, you're paying someone to rent your roof and you will never ELIMINATE your utility bill by leasing your solar panels.  Also, by leasing you're giving up your incentives and handing them over to the leasing company.

Always Investigate The Installer

This may seem obvious but it's important to beware unlicensed contractors working on your home.  With many solar companies popping up it's best to use solar companies that have at least 5 years of solar experience to decrease the risk of something going awry.  Also, to qualify or the state grant as a contractor you MUST be NABCEP (North American Board of Energy Practioners) certified as a PV Installation Professional

Roofing Is Important

If you have an older, deteriorating roof it would be wise to consider replacing it before the installation takes place.  If you decide to install the panels before replacing your roof you'll run into extra charges for having to temporarily remove your solar panels and then re-install them on the new roof.

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Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more S.O.L.A.R. lessons.

Stay Shining. Stay Saving.