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American Sentry Solar By American Sentry Solar • January 11, 2016

Should You Install Solar Panels Yourself?


If you consider yourself to be a handyman around the house you may be wondering if it's in your best interest or possible to install solar panels yourself.  Yes, it's possible but should not be considered a good idea to take upon this installation as a DIY job.  Continue reading to find out why you should always hire a professional when considering a solar panel installation.


Solar Planning and Process

It may seem like a simple project on paper, but that's far from the case.  Taking a project on like this requires copious amounts of research and planning.  Professional solar installers are trained to know how much space is necessary for your solar system as well as how to create the ideal placement so you can generate as much power as possible.

A few examples of the details include:

  • Size requirement
  • Roof space and angle
  • Positioning of solar panels
  • Is your roof ideal for solar panels?

These are just a few of the details that are necessary in the planning process.  As you can see taking a project on of this magnitude could leave you in over your head fairly quickly.  If your goal is to save money on your electric bill you could be jeopardizing this goal by installing solar yourself.  Here at American Sentry Solar we've been installing solar on thousands of Maryland homes since 2009, so you can be assured we know of every detail that needs to be considered before installing solar on your home.

Avoid Unnecessary Risks

I know for some DIY projects can be fun and/or provide a sense of accomplishment of a job well done, but not when the risks could endanger you or your home.  Aside from the height risks of standing on top of your roof, installing solar involves technical electrical wiring and high voltage.  Since doing this task and be quite dangerous you would need to purchase various safety equipment.  American Sentry Solar installers are trained in the best practices of wiring solar panels.  Also, if something goes wrong it could be covered by warranty, a benefit you would be missing out on if you decide to install yourself.

Solar Paperwork, Regulations, and Permits

Does anyone really enjoy doing paperwork?  Of course not.  One of the benefits of choosing to work with American Sentry Solar is the convenience of having us handle all the necessary paperwork to make sure you qualify for all the tax credits and the Maryland state grant.  Unless you're a NABCEP certified installer you'd be forfeiting the opportunity to benefit from the $1,000 Maryland solar grant.

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