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Brooke Ezzo By Brooke Ezzo • June 17, 2020

American Sentry Solar Gives Back - Small Business Recognition Program

The past few months have been tough for everyone; there is no denying it. Protocols have changed, businesses have been closed, and life has seemingly been placed on hold for months. Even now with states reopening, so much is uncertain about the future, and no one has felt this as much as our local small business owners.

As an essential business in Harford County Maryland, we felt that we could not just sit back while our local small business community suffered. That is why we created the Small Business Recognition Program, an initiative where our solar clients can nominate a small business of their choice to receive a $1,000 donation from American Sentry Solar. Since the program has been introduced in early May, we have had over 20 small businesses nominated, and each one will be receiving a $1,000 check to help them come back from this crisis.

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Our first Small Business Recognition Program recipient was Tom from the Hereford Bed and Biscuit in Parkton, Maryland. The Hereford Bed and Biscuit was founded in 1972 by Tom’s grandparents, making the business a family legacy as much as it is a livelihood for Tom. During the pandemic business drastically dropped; he had less grooming appointments, less dogs being dropped off for daycare, and less pets staying overnight in his boarding facility.

It was during this uncertain time that Tom received a call from Kevin Carmen, the Chief Marketing Officer at American Design and Build, Ltd./American Sentry Solar, to inform him that one of his clients had nominated him for this donation. Tom understandably thought it was too good to be true. He just could not believe that a program like the Small Business Recognition Program existed. It soon became very real for Tom when Kevin showed up with Pastor Fred and Debbie, the homeowners who nominated the Hereford Bed and Biscuit, to present the $1,000 check.


It was a tearful occasion, as Pastor Fred and Debbie got to say what the Hereford Bed and Biscuit has meant to them and their beautiful pup Lola.

“Tom and his team at Hereford Bed and Biscuit provide wonderful care for our dog, Lola”, said Pastor Fred. “They love her as much as we do, giving us flexibility to work without being anxious about her care.  The grooming services are the best and even Lola knows it by her attitude of ‘look at me!’ Thank you Tom, and your team, for all that you do for us and the community.”

Tom also got to show his gratitude to them for thinking of his business in these uncertain times.

“You guys are awesome,” Tom stated about Pastor Fred and Debbie. “It’s amazing to see people giving back like this, especially companies like [American Sentry Solar] who think outside the box when it comes to things like this. Small businesses are struggling now… I really, really appreciate this. Thank you.”


The team at American Sentry Solar is excited to make more moments like this happen, and we are ready to help more small businesses overcome this pandemic. We are all in this together. And as a community, we can all rise above this crisis.

As our President and CEO Joe Tunney says, “We are telling ourselves that ‘this too shall pass.’ And guess what? It will.”

“The sun will come out tomorrow.”

Support Small. Save BIG.