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By Mason Crandell • January 14, 2022

Solar Production in Winter Months

Solar panels in the winter

Introduction: Solar Panels and Winter Months

Many believe that solar panels only produce electricity in the summer months and are inactive in the winter. However, this is a common misconception. Solar is a great source of energy year-round! This article will help explain common myths surrounding winter months and solar production, as well as how snow impacts your solar system. We also see how you can take advantage of energy credits by the utility companies and benefit from them in the winter. Finally, we will look at solar installation demand and when is the best time to go solar!

How does the winter months affect solar panels and output?

Solar panels use sunlight and convert it into usable electricity for home or commercial use. However, due to the way photovoltaic panels work, they are more efficient in colder temperatures rather than a hot summer day! Even though there are shorter days in the winter months, panels are more efficient and therefore produce a sizable amount of energy, despite less daylight hours. That isn’t to say you will produce more energy in the winter as opposed to the summer months, but your panels will be more efficient with the amount of sunlight they do get, and this makes solar a worthwhile investment. No matter what the season, if there is sunlight, solar panels are producing electricity for your home or business! American Sentry Solar installs solar systems year-round and has been doing so for over 10 years, so you can be sure we are always there to assist with your solar needs!


Snow and Solar: What to know

If you live in an area that experiences four season a year, then your probably worried but how snow will impact your solar panels. Rest assured, top of the line solar panels, such as LG panels, are tested and produced to withstand that weight of the heaviest snow fall, so you will not have to worry about any panel damage from a winter storm. Additionally, due to the angle on most roofs, snow is usually a non-issue, as it will typically slide right off the panels. Snow will only hurt energy production if the panels are obstructed from capturing sunlight. This is usually only an issue on flat roofs where snow can build up more easily and has nowhere to slide off. If you do have a flat roof with panels and snow does accumulate on your panels, you can gently brush it off with a soft snow removal tool. DO NOT use sharp or metallic tools that could damage your panels. If you cannot reach your panels safely, the snow will usually melt off the panels within a few days. As mentioned, snow is usually not a concern when considering solar and American Sentry Solar is here to answer all your questions you may have.

Solar Energy Credits: What to Know for The Winter

Solar energy credits are a great way to decrease energy bills in the winter months when solar production is not quite as high as the summer months. Just like how your energy use offsets between the daytime when the panels are producing and the nighttime when the panels are inactive, summer months and winter months work largely in the same way. In a process called net metering, the excess energy you produce in the summer and do not use is logged by the utility company as energy credits that you can redeem in the winter months when your panels may not provide enough energy to power your whole home. This means solar is a great investment and saves you money year-round!

Solar Installation Demand in Winter Months

Due to the colder weather and general misconceptions, demand for solar installs slows during the winter months, but this is the perfect time to go solar! Because of the misconception about winter solar panel production, many wait until spring to schedule their installation, and miss out on months of energy production. However, American Sentry Solar installs home solar systems in any season of the year, not just during the warmer months. This means the winter season could be a great time for you to go solar before the peak solar production months, and your system will be up and running, ready to soak in all those money-saving rays! American Sentry Solar makes going solar fast, easy and seamless.

Conclusion: Solar Is a Reliable Source Year Round

Regardless of the season, solar is a great source for clean and reliable energy. The myth that solar panels do not produce in the winter months has been busted! What’s more, snow is generally not a concern for homeowners considering solar. Solar panels are very durable and are designed to take the weight of snow and even withstand hail. American Sentry Solar uses high quality solar panels so you can be sure that snow and inclement weather will not be a worry! In addition, cold temperatures do not affect the performance of solar panels which is good news for homeowners in colder climates! Solar panels are engineered to produce in almost any climate if there are UV rays for the panels to capture. If you or someone you know is interested in going solar, give American Sentry Solar a call and see how much you can save with a free solar analysis!

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