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American Sentry Solar By American Sentry Solar • June 15, 2016

Why You Should Choose a Local Solar Company

Researching which solar company to choose for your installation should be one of your first steps in the process of going solar.  Your research will most likely take you to larger solar companies that cover the U.S. or smaller to medium-sized local companies that only service the Maryland area, and a few other states.  Currently, we only service the Maryland area for our solar installations, which benefits you, the homeowner, tremendously.  Continue reading to find out why…


With You The Entire Way


Hopefully by now you’ve learned that owning your solar panel system is the only way to benefit from solar incentives. If not, check out our previous posts about different solar options.

Most large solar companies will push you towards entering into a lease or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). Working with a local solar company that offers the option to own your solar system guarantees that they can make sure you qualify for solar incentives on the state and federal level.  Here at American Sentry Solar, we only offer the option to own your solar panels because it’s the most beneficial way for you to maximize your return on investment. You can also rest assured knowing we handle all the incentive paperwork for you, something we’ve done for thousands of Maryland homeowners who’ve gone solar with us.


Personal Attention and Access

Installing solar power can be a big decision for some homeowners, so it’s important to feel like any question you may have can be answered at the drop of a hat.  In some cases, you may want to speak with a key decision maker of the company such as the owner or someone in a similar position.  Choosing a large solar company may make you feel like just another number.  Therefore a smaller, local solar company will provide you with the ability to speak with anyone you need or want in a timely manner.

Since we’re a division of American Design and Build, we share the same values of family, trust, and transparency.  If you’re unfamiliar, get to know us a little by checking out the video below!


Provide Your Own Input


With a local solar company you may be allowed to have more input than dealing with a large company, this is because the experience is tailored to your specific scenarios.  Every roof and it’s surroundings are different so you may need a certain panel, inverter, etc. to make sure your solar panel system will produce as efficiently as it should be.  Larger companies will typically stick to the same methods and procedures for every home, which may not work for every roof or amount of shade coverage.


Hear From A Few Of Our Local Solar Customers


“Very nice people in the office and the installers, the electricians and panel installers were very courteous and didn't leave any mess behind, after they were finished with install they came in and told me how read the panel monitor and what the next step of installation would be, very nice solar panels, cosmetically pleasing to the eye!”


“American Sentry Solar is an amazing company.  During the process of getting solar panels installed I never called and had to listen to an automated message, always a real person!  Everyone was so helpful when I was going through the process, from making sure I got all of the tax return information to making sure I was satisfied and in the loop with the process of getting solar panels installed.  The solar panels have already started saving me money on my electricity bill and the best part is that it increased my property value tremendously.  I would never do the process of solar energy with any other company.  A truly remarkable experience.”


“…From hooking up the in-house equipment to logging into the on-line system to check the status of your power generation/solar system, this crew has it down to a science.  I'm sold, and I highly recommend American Design and Build, American Sentry Solar for your solar project - you will not be disappointed.”


Going solar should be an exciting experience for every homeowner! Choosing a local solar installer allows you to engage in a more personable process that’s customized to make sure you see the biggest return on your investment. So what’re you waiting for! Lets get started by finding out how much you’ll save!


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